Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DeTox Tips

Zippy wrote:
> A friend and I are planning to go away for a month or so in
> September/October to kick our habits. He's on a lowish amount of gear
> and I'm on 6mls/day of Subutex right now. We both want to go somewhere
> that's still warm and laid back but crucially somewhere we can get
> sleepers legally or very easily. We're avoiding India/Thailand and
> other places where smack is too easy to get hold of. We were thinking
> of North Africa and I'm told Egypt is nice at that time of the year.
> Has anyone got any ideas? We've both been to Spain loads so we'd
> go elsewhere and I'm not sure if you can still get Dormidina/Valium
> over-the-counter there anymore.
> I know getting benzos during WD's is considered a bad idea by many but
> that's the plan and they've always helped me at those times in the
> past. Also, lounging about in the sun helps take your mind off things,
> I find.

> Thanks in advance and all constructive suggestions welcome.

> Zippy.

> PS the availability of benzos and sun is crucial as I do hate rattling
> in cold weather, it really is a major dis-incentive.

Late one September I kicked a large nicotine habit in Croatia on the
coast (Šibenik, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, etc.) after loading up on DHC,
pure codeine HCl tabs, dionine, nicocodeine, meprobamate, carisoprodol,
and assorted benzos (Mylostan, Mogodon, Valium, Xanax, Dormicum &
Tranxene if memory serves correctly) in case they were needed in other

I also broke a 360-morphine-unit/day nicomorphine & piritramide habit
the same way two years later. There and top it all off
overall Croatia was the best place I could think of to be when my one-
eyed monster started working properly again.

Agent 69


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